From a Wash + Vacuum to a complete Valet. Using quality products with superb attention to detail..


 Autoshine Valeting Detailing Lowestoft we offer a full range of valeting services at your work place or home. Whether you are choosing a mini, half or full valet or you want the interior valeted, we use only the best car cleaning products available to get the highest quality results every time. We give complete customer satisfaction and provide you with a reliable, top quality service. 

Snow Foam

Snow Foam pre clean of paintwork to minimise paint scratches prior to the main wash using a soft wash mitt

Engine Bay Detailing.

Engine deep cleaned and all plastics treated, all components air dried

Alloy Wheels Cleaned & Treated With Rim Wax.
Exterior Plastics Cleaned & Treated

Exterior Plastics Cleaned & Treated

Clay Bar Paint Cleansing 

Clay bar paint cleansing to remove all surface contaminates prior to waxing

Machine Polishing

We use a three stage method to enhance the gloss & remove light scratches.

We Use Paint Sealants &  Carnuba Waxes

Engine deep cleaned and all plastics treated, all components air dried

Convertible Soft Tops Refurbishment

Convertible soft tops refurbishment recolored and waterproofed

Headlamp Restoration

Headlamp Restoration to remove yellowing

Interior Detail Cleaning 

Interior detail cleaning of all fabrics & carpets. Leather & plastic trim cleaned & treated.




Our service is mobile. 

We cover a 20 mile radius of Lowestoft

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Clay Bar Cleansing